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Based on the pursuit of true sound quality, Vibrant Sound gives sound vitality and extraordinary expressiveness. It is suitable for high-end KTV, bars, halls and large-scale performance venues, and is highly favored by customers.
Full-frequency audio series is a high-quality and customized high-power unit with low distortion and large dynamic characteristics. It has built-in passive frequency divider optimized by computer. It has clear and delicate high frequency, soft medium frequency, broad and strong low frequency, and rich and prominent sound. Precise multi-angle anti-standing wave design is adopted in the box.
Good horses with saddles, high-quality speakers are of course equipped with high-quality power amplifiers. Vitality Audio Power Amplifier focuses on high efficiency amplifiers. After a long period of research and development, our company has made several kinds of unexpected destructive tests and long-term aging tests in harsh environment, and finally selected high-quality and reliable electronic components and schemes.
UHF wireless microphone special frequency band is adopted, which is not disturbed by other working frequencies. Arbitrary adjustment of 1000 frequency points makes full use of radio frequency resources. Ultra-audio data pilot control can effectively prevent other radio frequency interference and the impact sound of transmitter switch. The PLL technology ensures stable signal transmission and reception.
Engineering case
Vitality Audio insists on market demand orientation, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, pioneering the "professional audio art cross-border and high-end customization" mode, to provide customers with more competitive personalized audio system solutions.
Our team is composed of top international experts in science and technology, professional technicians in electronics and acoustics, and cross-border experts. We will implement the concept of personalized audio system throughout the research and development process and ensure a perfect landing.
Guangzhou Yili Audio Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of Vitality Audio in high-end customization worldwide. In many years of development and exploration, Yili Audio adheres to the brand concept of serving the global market, taking "cross-border innovation, artistic resonance" as its guide, making continuous innovation and breakthroughs, perfecting the combination of science, technology, art and humanities, looking at the world and making innovations with a view to enhancing the competitiveness of customers as its basis, so as to make voice art become the language of the world without borders, race and gender. Vitality Sound will join hands with customers, cross boundaries, resonate with the world, and strive to create a new height in the industry. Our brand is Vitality Audio.
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